Common bearing identification methods

First, the packaging is clear: Under normal circumstances, are the factory brand has its own dedicated designer to design the packaging, and arrange the production conditions for the production of the factory clearance, so the packaging is no matter from the lines to the color is very clear, Unambiguous, (part of the imported brand of accessories and packaging also have a special design to protect their own intellectual property rights).
Second, the letter is clear whether the printing: the bearing body will be printed on the brand words, labels and so on. Works are produced mostly use steel stamping technology, but also in the heat treatment before the word is pressed, so the font is small, but concave deep, very clear. The fake fonts not only fonts, due to rough printing technology, fonts floating on the surface, and some even easily can be erased by hand.
Third, whether there is noise: hold the bearing body sleeve left hand, right hand toggle the coat to rotate, listen to whether there is noise. Since most of the counterfeit products have poor production conditions and completely hand-operated workshops, it is inevitable that impurities such as sand will be mixed in the production process and hidden in the bearing body, so the noise will be spun during rotation. This is the biggest difference between a manufacturer's brand and a machine manufacturer that strictly enforces production standards.
Fourth, the surface is turbid oil trace: This should pay special attention to the purchase of imported bearings. As the current domestic anti-rust technology is not particularly home, so the bearing body rust treatment is easy to leave thick traces of oil, sticky in the hands of sticky, and imported bearings almost no look To the traces of rust-proof oil, it touches particularly careful expert said that there is a smell of imported bearings, it is certainly anti-rust oil, just can not see it.
Fifth, the chamfer is uniform: The so-called bearing chamfer, that is, the cross-section and the vertical junction, fake bearings due to production technology limitations in these parts of the corner processing is unsatisfactory.

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