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Xu Suhua won the second place of provincial third session of listed company women’s singles badminton compitition。



    On june 11,2011,the provincial third session of listed company badminton compitition was open at East china sea fishing village badminton hall in Nanchang by Jiangxi province listed company association. A tatal of 28 teams of 68 athletes participated in the games.


 In order to organize the employees to participate in this competition, Sanchuan group choose the excellent players on behalf of Sanchuan  company to participate in the competition according to the achievement of company's Spring Festival badminton games. Sanchuan Group team unity together, contend for the first place, agressiveness, and showed their solidarity,style and level. The Sanchuan staff Xu Suhua eventually won the badminton women’s singles second place after 5 strikes one day’s fierce competition, and Sanchuan group won the forth place of team competition.

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