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Jiangsu Liandong Bearing Co., Ltd., formerly known as Wuxi Shen's Precision Bearing Co., Ltd., is located in Wuxi Taihu Industrial Park near Taihu Lake. The company covers an area of 27000 square meters and has more than 380 staff, including 50 engineering technicians. It is a leading comprehensive enterprise which is capable of research & development, mass production, marketing & sales, and service provision.

ALWAYS have the challenge spirit,

through constant innovation and advanced technology to achieve common development with clients.

ALWAYS keep a youthful spirit,

through creating passionate enterprise with keen mind and quick action to achieve common dreams with staff.

ALWAYS promote social progress,

through complying with regulations and keeping promise to realize harmonious coexistence of enterprise civilization with social development.

Four Advantages to Choose Us

JLB closely cooperates and monitors all production processes from raw materials to finished products by means of advanced technology,
excellent equipment and strict management. JLB makes perfection more perfect at every minute detail to provide stable high-quality and high-precision products to clients.


The linkage bearing has advanced automatic heat treatment production line in China, full automatic bearing ring grinding production line and automatic bearing assembly line...

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